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Course Information 2024

  School New Year Party 2019Thai teachers at Thai Smile Languages . Welcome to Thailand and learn Thai language with our friendly teacher. www.thaismilelanguage.comCourse Information 2023

Courses Details
Beginner I (30 hours)

To learn vowels, consonant and tones in Thai language.  To practise using thai vocabulary

and frequently used expression and conversation about daily life.

Beginner II (30 hours)

To build up more vocabulary and sentence patterns.  **Special lessons are available such as;

Restaurant, Clothing, In a hotel, Travelling, At the airport, Wedding Party, At the hospital and


Intermediate I

(30 hours)

To provide different business topics, according to students' interests, finance, daily

conversation and all of them include idiom words.

Intermediate II

(30 hours)

To widen the knowledge of Thai including slang, idioms and conversational phrases

and particles.


(160 hours)

To provide intensive study with higher vocabulary used in Grade 6 level, newspaper topics, and articles from magzines, advertisements, and letters

Reading & Writing

(240 hours)

To learn writing using the alphabet in Thai, vowels in Thai, Tone in Thai and also reading step by step until you can write consonants mix with vowels and will be able to translate Thai to English, and English to Thai. We will give scpecial lessons o Thai Culture, Social problems, newspaper reading, Thai Buddhism, Thai Folk Stories, The History of Thailand and more.

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Thai Smile language school (Saladaeng BTS / Silom MRT)
Charn Issara Tower (next to Crowne Plaza hotel), 3rd floor
942/102 Rama 4 Road
Surawong, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500 , Thailand.

Come study Thai with our highly professional staff! We are located in the Sala Daeng/Silom area of Bangkok. If you're interested in learning Thai, whether it be speaking, reading or writing, our staff is ready to help you!