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Thai language school Bangkok on Silom Road : 'Thai Smile Language School' is located on Rama IV road and next to the Crown Hotel. We are near MRT Silom and BTS Sala Daeng Tel. 081-8419890, Tel: 02-2675080 Payment by VISA or Master Card

  May Promotion 2023 !!  promotion Expire 25 May

                You could change your schdule along with your plan. Flexible time ! Hold until 1 year! Booking teacher schedule Tel. (66) 081-8419890, (66) 02-2675080 Khun Kannika. Teaching hours: Morning ( 9-12 PM) , Afternoon ( 1 - 5 PM.), Evening (5 - 8 PM) from Monday - Sunday. Office hours : Monday - Friday for registration and booking teacher !     Checking Group schedule on  year 2023     


                Short course Learn fast ! Speak Thai in two week! ( one on one at school or online), 20 hours & free 2 books ! The fee only  9,000 Baht..(Monday-Friday) . Please booking teacher schedule one week in advance, call 081-8419890,02-2675080 . Or email to Or study online Zoom, Skype,Google meet,etc  is avaible for your convenice. Visa ,Debit card available. no charge

                    Beginner level one 30 hours (1:1) at school or online. The fee only 15,900 Baht. + free 5 hours ! + Free 2 textbooks .Focus on conversation, complicate sentences! Speak like native speaker. Friendly teachers . 18years experience. Please book one week in advance. contact Tel. 081-8419890 Or email: Tel. 02-2675080


              Beginner One and Two ( 60 hours) ( private 1:1) .The fee only 29,000 Baht  + free 10 hours! . Free 4 books! (Normal fee 32,000 Baht )  . Booking teacher schedule one week in advance. Contact Tel. 081-8419890, 02-2675080. Email :, for booking schedule.

             Intermediate level one and two  (120 hours)( Private 1:1). The fee only 49,000 Baht+free 10 hours .Free 6 books. Hold until one yeart ( Normal fee is  72,000 Baht). 


             Full Intermediat to Advance Level 1-4 ( free 10 books) ( 240 hours ), Private lessons at school or online. The tuition fee only 90,000 Baht ._+ free 10 hours.  Valid one year .Professional speaking and reading and writing. Please booking one week in advance. Tel. 081-8419890,  02-2675080 .  


              Complete Beginner to Advance level 4 ( Free 24 books) (360 hours) . Private lessons . Speak like Native speaker and fluent read and write Thai, Read Magazine and Newspaper and learning Thai culture. The fee only 120,000 Baht ( Full price is 216,000 Baht discount 45%). Valid 1 year.  Please booking one week in advace. Tel .081-8419890, Or tel .02-2675080 . Or email : ,


              Thai lessons  at your home/office (40 hours) The Special fee is  25,000 Baht+ free 4 textbooks. The standard fee is 36,000 Baht. Monday - Sunday are available.  Flexible time! start immediately! hold until one year! 


                 Group 2 students . For 30 hours, discount 15%. the fee is 15,300 Baht for each person ( Normal fee is 18,000 Bht.each) Set up schedule on your convenience. Start immediatly! Please call Tel.081-8419890, 02-2675080 Or 

      Please visit our school at 3rd floor , Smile Languages , Room 942/102 at Charn Issara Tower ,please call us for booking in advance tel.081-8419890, 02-2675080


  Cheapest price and flexible time at Thai Smile Language School. You can set a schedule for your convenience. With 14 years teaching Experience (open 2004). We guarantee the result. Speak Thai with our friendly teachers. You are able to study 1-2 days per week and 1.5-2 hours per time depend on your convenience.



 Thai Smile Language School is easy to find for you.  It is near BTS (Sky Train) Sala Daeng Station Gate No.1 or the MRT (Subway) Silom Station . At Charn Issara Tower on the 3rd floor. Smile Languages. Our 14 Years experience( since 2004) . High quality and professional teaching in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Experienced teachers who really care for your learning. Reasonable price.

 CALL now to check
 new exclusive promotions and book your course at Tel. 081-8419890, 02-2675080. Email: ,




 Free 1 hour trial to guarantee your approval.


 It’s easy to speak Thai with our friendly teacher and high quality teaching methods. Your satisfaction is our first priority. If you visit Thai land , Please do not hesitate to contact us 


 Office hours: Monday till Friday 9 AM - 6 PM

Teaching hours: Monday till Sunday from 9 AM - 9 PM

Contact us: Mob: (6681) 841-9890, (662)267-5080



Our teachers are highly experienced in teaching Thai to foreigners. They have a great track record having our students communicate in Thai successfully. Please call us for booking at Tel: (6681)-8419890, Tel: (662)267-5080 or send us e-mail at, for more information.


 LINE ID : Kannikathaismile  ( Quick contact and answer your inquiry!) 


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Friendly Thai teachers
Friendly Thai teachers Private Thai lessons at Thai Smile Languages school




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Smile languages (Thai language school) (Sala Daeng BTS / Silom MRT)
Charn Issara Tower (next to CROWNE hotel), 3rd floor
942/102 Rama 4 Road
Surawong, Bangrak,
Bangkok 10500 , Thailand.

Come study Thai with our highly professional staff! We are located on the Rama IV road, near Silom MRT and Sala Daeng BTS/Silom area of Bangkok. If you're interested in learning Thai, whether it be speaking, reading or writing, our staff is ready to help you. Please call 081-841980, 02-2675080